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Orlando International Airport (GOAA)

GOAA Continuing Environmental Services Contract: GEC has maintained a continuing environmental services contract since 2009. Contract scope includes baseline environmental impact investigations (BEII), contamination site assessments, natural attenuation monitoring, remedial activities and waste management for contaminated and/or hazardous waste.

Airside 1 Expansion

Airside 3 Expansion

OIA Airsides 1 and 3 Hub Expansions, Orlando, Florida: GEC provided ground penetrating radar (GPR) for OIA's expansion and renovation of Airside 1 as well as geotechnical engineering for Airside 3 to accommodate additional retail opportunities and operations.
C.T. Hsu Architects
OIA Airside 2 Wing Extension
OIA Airside 2 Wing Extension, Orlando, Florida: GEC provided geotechnical engineering for OIA's extension of Airside 2 to add additional gates.
Turner and Associates, Inc.
South Terminal Infrastructure, Orlando, Florida: conducted geotechnical investigation for south terminal site for demucking and filling in preparation for Phase I of the South Terminal construction. Also included borrow pit exploration for generating fill required to grade the South Terminal site, and pile foundation design for Haul Road Bridge over B-8 Bypass canal.
OIA Roadway Condition Survey and Pavement Design, Orlando, Florida: performed a pavement condition survey. The following roads were cored: Airport Boulevard, south Access Road, Cargo Road, Bear Road and Tradeport Drive.
Orlando International Airport (OIA) Fourth Runway, Orlando, Florida: performed geotechnical investigation for Orlando International Airport 4th Runway, taxiway and taxiway bridge pile foundations.
OIA Cargo Road Improvements Project, Orlando, Florida: performed geotechnical investigation to explore general subsurface conditions to support geotechnical design for improvements to Cargo Road.
OIA North Crossfield Taxiway Program, Orlando, Florida: geotechnical project manager providing geotechnical investigation and foundation recommendations for two major bridges for the new taxiway crossing over the Airport Boulevard entrance and exit roads at Orlando International Airport.
OIA Employee Parking Lot Project, Orlando, Florida: conducted a geotechnical investigation to explore general subsurface conditions to support geotechnical design for infrastructure, utilities, parking, structures, offiste improvements, improvements to Frontage Road, a box culvert for Hangar Boulevard.
OIA Mid-Crossfield Taxiway and Secure Road Bridges Expansion, Orlando, Florida: geotechnical engineering and investigation recommendations for pile foundation design of twin taxiway bridge extensions and associated roadway improvements.
OIA A&B Parking Decks, Orlando, Florida: conducted a geotechnical engineering Dutch Cone Soundings and Standard Penetration Test.
OIA Airside 2 Terminal, Orlando, Florida: performed geotechnical engineering for 428,000 sq. ft. Airside 2 terminal supported on shallow foundations. 

OIA Airside 2 Terminal
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