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Transit Fast Facts

“When the Train Leaves the Station – Will We Be On Board”
By State Representative Dean Cannon, Winter Park

GEC Commuter Rail Services

GEC is proud to be a member of the design team for SunRail, now beginning design of Phase II. GEC provided geotechnical engineering and contamination assessment for SunRail Phase I, which included a 31-mile alignment and 12 stations linking Debary to south Orlando. Phase II is comprised of an additional 30 miles of alignment with 5 additional stations, extending the rail system north to Deland and south to Poinciana. Rail service will begin in 2014 for Phase I and 2016 for Phase II.



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Project Scope

GEC is the Geotechnical Engineer for the commuter rail system to be constructed in Osceola, Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties. The commuter trains will operate on 61 miles of the CSX A-line providing service to 17 rail stations. The project alignment extends from DeLand south to Poinciana; however, the Initial Operation Segment (Phase 1) will be constructed from DeBary to Sand Lake Road. Phase 2 will extend the system northward to DeLand and southward to Poinciana. The project also includes a maintenance facility, second track in several locations and replacement of wood bridges with concrete bridges to meet Federal Transit Agency (FTA) requirements.

Geotechnical Engineering

For Phase I GEC provided geotechnical engineering for design of the stations and maintenance facility. GEC also prepared the Geotechnical Data Report included in the Design/Build Request for Proposals Package that addressed project elements within the right of way. The geotechnical investigation for Phase 2 is currently underway.

Contamination Assessment

GEC prepared the Contamination Screening Evaluation Report (CSER) for the project and conducted additional Level 2 Contamination Assessments at potential contamination sites near station locations and the rail alignment. GEC also conducted a Site Assessment and prepared a Remedial Action Plan for a petroleum-contaminated site adjacent to one of the stations.

The Passenger Stations project component entails the environmental assessment of 61 miles of the existing CSX Transportation A-Line rail corridor from Deland to Poinciana in anticipation of conversion from industrial use to commuter use. Work on this project was initiated in December 2005 and was completed in 2008. A total of 50 potential risk sites were identified and evaluated during the Level I (baseline) Assessment of the station locations. After evaluation, the sites were given a contamination risk potential rating of No, Low, Medium, or High. Those sites with a Medium or High rating were recommended for Level II (baseline) Assessment activities.

For the Mainline, the project study area extended 300 feet from the CSX right-of-way along the rail corridor from the Seminole/Orange County border to Poinciana. A total of 475 potential contamination sites were identified and evaluated during the Level I Assessment activities. The Level II Assessment phase consisted of contamination assessments for over 35 sites that were assigned a Medium or High contamination risk potential rating and were adjacent to the CSX right-of-way.


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