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World Cup Orlando '94

Celebrating 10 Years

Tenth Annniversary World Cup Orlando l994 commemorative statue, gift of Legacy Soccer Foundation to the City of Orlando. Created by StudioEIS, New York City, unveiled June 11, 2004 at Orlando City Hall.


Statue images provided by
Studio EIS

World Cup Orlando '94 Factoids

  1. The Wall Street Journal said about Orlando '94 "...The UN should send observers to see how its done."
  2. The Netherlands Consul General wrote: "The World Cup Orlando became a party promoting soccer and mutual understanding."
  3. 32 billion viewers world-wide for World Cup '94.
  4. Orlando, one of nine U.S. cities, played host to the first World Cup in the U.S.A.
  5. More than $209 million in economic impact courtesy of World Cup celebration.
  6. Orlando, the City Beautiful hosted five soccer matches June 19 - July 4, 1994 involving Holland, Ireland, Belgium, Morocco and Mexico.
  7. Three billion international fans tuned in to Orlando via satellite for live World Cup action.
  8. 65% of the population of the Netherlands viewed the Netherlands vs. Belgium match.
  9. Credentialed media in Orlando represented 40 countries.
  10. The Atlanta Constitution proclaimed Orlando "World Cup Best Venue".
  11. World Cup '94 brought a record 132 chartered flights involving 21 airlines to Orlando and Sanford airports.
  12. Over 300,000 spectators showed their spirit at the Florida Citrus Bowl

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